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Local cabs for Greenwich & Bexley

Are you looking to hire a mini cab in Woolwich, Plumstead, Belverdere, Abbeywood, Welling or Thamesmead, or are you in urgent need of a reliable company to take care of your airport transfers to Gatwick , Heathrow,  Luton, Stanstead City Airport and now Southend

If so, Welcome to Abbey Cars, one of Greater London’s most experienced, professional mini cab companies. We offer our services to Clients from both business and domestic backgrounds, and are more than capable of providing a trustworthy, professional Service. Mini cabs in London simply don’t come any better than those provided by Abbey Cars, London’s foremost specialists in all Aspects of personal and business travel.

Based in Plumstead, SE London, Abbey Cars has a full range of vehicles including saloon cars, estate cars and multiple people carriers up to 6 passengers. We cover all local areas.

With over 20 years experience in the mini cabs industry we aim to provide a friendly and courteous service catering for all travelling needs, from making local runs and trips, shopping days and journeys to all the major airports and stations.

Abbey Cars is fully computerised which enables our office staff to locate all our drivers at any given time, via tracking devices built into there Satellite Navigation systems. This enables our drivers to get to and from their destinations in either the quickest or shortest route.

Abbey Cars prides itself in employing only the friendliest, politest and most helpful staff with only one goal in mind, to help clients to save both time and money when and wherever possible, and provide a fast and reliable service 100% of the time.



Abbey Cars would like to apologies to all its past and present
Customers for the lack of Mini-cabs,
The main reason unlike almost every local mini cab firms Abbey Cars does not tolerate bad drivers. How many times have you got a mini cab from one of the local firms that was either very late and the cab firm made a lame excuse, or when the driver does  turn  up  they  are  unhelpful  or  rude, have  not  got  any idea    where they are going or then try to overcharge you. and yet they still keep those drivers.

The standard of mini cab drivers at the moment is at an all time low,
many have no communication skills.

Abbey Cars will try to be as truthful as we can, we will give you a time for a job, we try to keep to it, but sometimes things happen out of our control and we will endeavor to let the customer know the problems.
So if we start a driver, we put them on probation and then listen to what the customers say about that driver. Most of our customers have been regular users for many years and Abbey Cars will take note of what they say unlike most of the local firms.


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